More than just a Friend

When I wrote my last post on the fascinating relationship between horses and humans, I already gave you a hint about my topic for this week. I thought about linking that relationship to business ideas and the other day at my riding club, an idea came up to my mind as I was watching our weekly therapy lesson. Working animals! This concept is very interesting, for there are a variety of animal jobs, such as therapist, rescuer, or watchdog. I will explain the concept of animal jobs, their goals, and their implementation, concentrating on animal therapy. (more…)


Technology as a helping Aid

 In my last blog posts I wrote about how technology is used as sport equipment and how it can enhance the athlete’s performance in a competition and maybe give him/her an advantage over the competitors. Also I covered the subject of disability and how technology can enable a disabled person to become an athlete. Now I would like to show you the non-competitive side of technology in sports: Technology as a helping aid in your training.