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Week in Review December


Honestly, when I first started blogging I wasn’t very excited about. Yes, sport interests me a lot, but technology… and how could I also link this to business? Because when I think about my future job options I picture myself in the area of accounting or controlling which doesn’t have much to do with sports or technology. I haven’t abandoned this way of thinking about my future, but first of all I don’t anymore think that blogging is that bad and somehow expanded my career options. My “aha” effect was definitely that I didn’t know how interesting technology could be, and that I found so many interesting things about it in the field of sports (like technology used in disability sports and in my favorite sport, horseback riding). Before blogging I didn’t really believe that I could ever combine my hobby with my job, but now I think that there are at least a few very interesting opportunities.


Beginning to write the blog spogging I felt uncomfortable to write the blog posts. As time passes I wrote more and began to see it as a challenge that would help me to develop my language and writing skills.

I always research and write about topics that really interest me and that would have an effect on me as well, like the blog post about the Nike sensor. I figured out that marketing strategies and their effect on people’s minds attract me. That brought me to think about my future path at HWR, which I always thought would be in Finance. Since I am regularly writing these blog post, I can now imagine what I could enjoy doing. I do see me more in the Marketing departments of a company now.

I am glad for this “aha” experience!


Actually I had some ‘Aha’ experiences during the task of writing a blogpost. First of all I did not see any connection to Business Applications and thought much rather of a literature course. I then started to look out for a topic which connects sports and IT. After researching for quite a while I thought ‘Cool this is not boring stuff and I can learn from that’. This was when the first ‘aha’ experience occured to me: this is all about me. The more effort in terms of research, reading blogs, basically getting information, I invested, the more I learned about IT!

Another ‘aha’ experience I got was just a couple of days ago when Mr Spear commented on my post. My structure of blogging has always been the same: idea, information, comments. Why not doing it another way? First reading through several blogs and then decide what was most interesting could be another cool opportunity of creating a post.

The last ‘aha’ experience I would like to mention here is probably the most important one: the influence and position IT takes up nowadays. It is incredible how many people are writing, discussing and reasearching on this!

All in all I feel that this whole idea of blogposting becomes more and more clear to me- also due to the ‘aha’ moments!


My “aha” experience was finding out what really interests me. After first surrendering and completely freaking out about the blog and somehow finding a way to link sports, business and IT, I started making a list with random topics. After starting with the first topic on my list,Commercilization of Sport and continuing my second post about the same topic, I realized that my real interest lies in the Marketing direction.

So I started researching in the Marketing direction and I got more and more excited about Marketing and its linkages to Sport. I could actually imagine that this would be the direction I would start a career in and combine my passion with                                                           my newly discovered interest.


A few weeks ago, I think I had the same feelings about starting and writing a blog like my team members: For all of us it was the first time to write on different topics and make it public to the online world. Maybe a little bit of an uncomfortable feeling in the first place…

To tell the truth, I have never been really thrilled about technologies and IT, so I had to open up my mind regarding those topics.

It is actually easy to put your mind into any topic and to do some research on it and find out what it is all about. And then you can easily report on what you found out. BUT what I learnt during the last weeks was not WHAT information technologies are (I knew that I could find that out within seconds) but rather HOW they are used and HOW other people think about it.

The “aha-moment” I experienced was when I realized how useful blogs could actually be in order to find out more than simple data and pure information. Using blogs, I am able not only to find all the information listed on a website promoting different products, but I can find people who discuss those technologies and generate positive as well as negative opinions on these. Let’s say I can see the “real world” estimation of different things.

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