What have we learned?


When we started to write this blog it was clear what we wanted to write about: sports.

We share the same passion about it and we had no doubt to find sports we could write about. So we had this connection, the red thread. In a way to think about sports we are so similar but actually we are all so different. A big variety of ideas that is great to have in one team.

My teammates gave me the inspiration for my posts, which concentrate not only on one aspect of sports. I took on very different points of view and did my research on these very different fields. I was influenced by their blog posts and started thinking in their direction which gave me on the one hand a wider range of topics to write about but on the other hand, and this is actually so much more worth, a redefined image of sports and I came to the conclusion that it is a much broader field than I used to think about it.

If I look back at it, I would say that I pretty much shared the idea of sports and the stuff that is related to it with Mirja. From her I learnt about commercialization of sports, marketing, the business aspects of sports so to speak. Which was to me the most interesting and most obvious part of sports besides actually exercising.

Then there is Alina who talked a lot about the emotional part and showed me to maybe sometimes step back from forums and internet sources and not to concentrate only on what you read but just take a look around you, in the real world and see what’s going on. She always came up with everyday life stories that made me feel comfortable when reading her posts because I could identify with what she was writing about.

I think the most in terms of different aspects of sports and research on special topics, I learnt from Anne. In my thinking, animals only played a minor role in sports and I never put a lot of thought into it. But now, I gained a realistic image of horse sports and that there is a lot to think about when it comes to species-appropriate treatment/practice. She managed to find sources that were not only based on “I heard that …” gossip like statements but she found valuable data and could give reasonable argumentation.

And Julia has found a link between two fields that in my thinking were miles apart from each other: sports and introversion. But from one post to the next I gained more and more grasp on this connection. And I really feel, that I have learnt something. Something I would probably not have discovered by myself.


After being very excited about starting our Sport blog we quickly realized that we are a very interesting group with very unique personalities, different skills and different interests. Although different interests and opinions often lead to conflict, we never had a problem deciding on something like the design of the page or the name.

Alina was a great example for a great writer, she just seems to have the flow and the creative thoughts just seem to gush out of her head. I often read her posts just to look at how she structures her text and writes. I learned how to shorten my texts to keep the reader interested, how to make it sound more casual and not so horribly serious. I guess I could have still adopted her catchy headlines but than I would have copied far too much 😉

Anne has been very inspiring when it comes to simply ordering and taking the thought further. She immediately got the links between sport, business and IT and has been a great help linking my topics to the above as well. She taught me how to think further, how to properly collect my ideas and brainstorm and give my blogpost a proper structure. I learned that simply jotting something down won’t make a great blogpost and I always envied her note taking and planning skills…I still have quite a way to go.

Without Julia my blogposts would not be online at all, as I am quite a technic dummy. Julia, with a lot of patience, helped me and explained everything, so most my WordPress skills I learned from Julia. She was always trying to improve the design of the page and taught me how she changed the picture, where to find the widgets, how to categorize my posts and do the tags…which I kept on forgetting. The was also the one motivating me when I just wanted to throw my Laptop out of the window and taught me how to cope with all the technical stuff.

Anika has an amazing talent of seeing all the different perspectives. She has a way of objectivity and displaying the different perspectives that I can still learn a lot from. I tried adopting her way of always contrasting different options and displaying different opinions, but often had to meet my match and had trouble identifying myself with it. I learned from Anika that objectivity can make the most interesting article, as there is simply more variety.


When I, and my group were forming this blog, we shared one passion: Sports, which is a diversified topic. But still, we weren’t quite sure if we really could manage to write about different topics. Actually, we thought there would not be much we could write about without “stealing” the topic from each other or we thought that we would chew through the topics over and over again and in the end it would all be boring.

But surprisingly this wasn’t the case. Everyone personally figured out one field and everyone developed into another direction that maybe we all together thought would not be possible. I think, we discovered that everyone would finally find her own way!

Alina, for example, has amazing writing skills. She always created a flow that lead through her posts without protracting. She always choses very striking headlines and furthermore she has the ability to write amazing brief blog post that come to the point, but are still very appealing, because of her fresh and funny way to write.

Another good writer is Anne. She writes clearly as well as she creates a red threat along her posts. She was the one who clearly stick to her topic of horseback riding. It is her passion and one could see it in her writings. She perfectly organized and structured her blog post as well as herself. I talked a lot to her concerning how to organize my/our blogs

When working together, there are different types of team members. Anika was the one, who always expressed her opinion and mostly stuck to it. She always tried to convince the others of various ways to get things done. I think, that this carried the group a big step forward every time. The best group is not that one, where everyone agrees to each other but where everybody forms their own opinion and brings the others towards seeing aspects from different angles. She often opened our eyes!

I mentioned above that Anne and Alina are very good writers, and so is Mirja, but in a different way. Her blog posts seem very professional, since she writes formal, well structured and in very good business English. Her writing style was appropriate to her topic of marketing and commercialization and showed that she definitely knows what she is writing about. I tried to adopt a more professional writing style even though I was more writing in an informal sense that I thought would fit better to my writings and to me personally.

Finally, one could see how everyone has its skills and abilities and uses it differently, since everyone is individual. Nevertheless, we learned and benefitted a lot from each other.


When my group and I started creating our blog, I think, we all did not really know, where we would end up in the end. I believe that we have all learned a great amount of things from each other, especially because before the blog we did not know everyone from our group that well, which brought many different opinions and working methods together.

I have personally learned a lot from Alina, especially when it comes to her way of writing. She always wrote very freely and with a personal touch. At the beginning, when I wrote a post, I had the feeling of writing a report or doing homework, and then I looked at Alina’s post and hers was rather short, funny, but still intelligent. This inspired me to let a certain personal touch in and to not worry about the length and the structure more than necessary.

Furthermore I found myself influenced by Julia and her perfect topics. When I started blogging, I thought that one topic per post should be fine. Then I read through Julia’s posts about Nike and was amazed by how well she connected her posts with each other. Basically she only had a few topics, but those had so much depth that she was able to write so many interesting posts on them. I tried it for myself with my overall topic “horses”, linking it to many different subtopics and I thought that it worked very well.

Mirja has also amazed me with her topics. She concentrated on only one category (marketing/commercialization) and I could not find a single post that was repeating information or giving irrelevant or even boring details. Furthermore, in comparison to Alina, she had that professional way of writing, which I found very admiring. I always felt like I was reading a very important article from a very important newspaper, when I went through her posts. This has pushed me to find this professionalism in excellent sources that would show how well informed I was, writing that particular post.

And last but not least, I have also learned a bunch of things from Anika. In a way she wrote similarly to Alina (very nice and easy to read), but with a lot more information. I always envied her long posts that were so informative. Furthermore she wrote very objectively and not as personal as Alina. Especially when talking about horses (because horseback riding is my passion), I cannot avoid a certain subjectivity, but every time Anika wrote, she made it sound like she was not judging anyone, which I found very impressive.

I think that this group work was very valuable and that the constellation of our group was perfect, in a way that everybody brought a different aspect to our blog, offering diverse learning possibilities.


I remember that when we initially ‘collaborated’ as a group I thought ‘well the only person I know very well from this group is Anika, so that’s gonna be pretty interesting getting to know the others!” And it was. We all shared one passion: sports. But, as the others already mentioned, we are so different at the same time! That made the spogging group really interesting to work with.

I did never know, for instance, that Anne is a horse rider. She is so passionate about it that in the end she only stuck to the topic horses what I found totally great as this is what she is really interested in! You could see in her writing style that she was a lot more into this topic than in the once she wrote about in the beginning. It was awesome how many different aspects Anne found out about her hobby and when I once talked to her she told me that blogging kind of helped her to find a way how she could connect her job and her hobby in the future.

I got to know Mirja a little better as well and if there is one word that fits perfectly to her than it is ‘ambition’. You could also see in her blogposts that Mirja is always trying to get the best out of it and she succeeds! Mirja found out that she is interested in marketing and hence mostly wrote about it which is just great since she now knows in which business part she is interested in! Furthermore she informed me about a type of sports which I did not even know it exists. And yes, it is quite a shame that it is so unkown as it seems to be a really interesting and extraordinary form of sport.

Julia found her path during the blogging period, I think. In the beginning she wrote a lot about Nike in connection with IT and running. But then she switched over to the psychological aspect and I must admit, what I read was so catchy and well-written that you, as a reader, could see that it was not a burden for her writing a post, no, she was interested! Julia had the talent to refer directly to the reader so you got involved in her posts. She wrote about different psychological aspect which gave the reader the chance to dig deep into the topics.

I know that Anika was initially struggling with this whole blogging thing. She did not really know what to write about and so forth. But seeing how she ended up makes me smile because she came up with all these interesting topics and a great style of writing. One of her strengths has always been the heading. It attracted the reader and you could read smoothly through her text without stumbling over unclear sentences.

And now me. What did I learn? Well since it was always my priority to make the reader become as interested in my topic as I was I tried to improve my writing and delivering skills over these eight weeks. Moreover I learned a lot about different topics, if CRM, IT, depressions or sports in general. But I did not only benefited from my texts, also others (such as my blogmates) gave me interesting information and ideas about certain subjects. It was great to see that others wrote about things I would never write about but after reading through their text I mostly thought ‘That was good topic now why didn’t I come up with that?’.

To sum it up I enjoyed working with you guys and I got more out of the blogging story eventually than I thought!

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