When all of a sudden the world stops PART II


This post is again going to be about depressions due to the fact that apparently you are as interested in this topic as I am. Your comments brought up some really good questions that I would like to discuss further. (more…)


When all of a sudden the world stops

Since we wrote quite some articles about emotions and feelings while practicing sports there is still one aspect which we have not discussed in detail yet:

What if emotions overwhelm you in a negative way and there is an always present state of low mood? Depression is one of the most common reaction to certain life events but still it should not be taken as a short period breakdown-there is a lot more behind that. (more…)

It is ok to show emotions,darling

In my recent blogpost I wrote about adrenaline, but no worries if you haven’t read this one as I am going to think a little bit further this time: emotions in sports.

Different sports and different situation such as being in training or having a competition evoke different feelings. Since my blogmates all practice different sports I interviewed them and tried to understand what they feel and think while jogging, riding, or playing tennis. (more…)

I will keep pushing you!

Right, this time I found my topic quite differently than the others. Sports, what am I going to write about this time? I then opened a browser and typed in ‘Sports’ and you know what caught my attention first? This sentence on a blog :

‘Today it is increasingly common for people to seek options that will give them an adrenaline rush, no matter the age, sex, size, race or social status, there is room for everyone when it comes to enjoying emotions, adventure and experiences for a lifetime.’

We all know it

Mirja experiences it at several championships, Julia while going out running. Anika feels it during a game and Anne while riding a horse, jumping over a hazard. According to Omron Healthcare our ancestors needed adrenaline to react quickly in a dangerous situation. Nowadays we naturally do not move as much as our ancestors so consequently we need sports to reduce the extra energy which is provided in our bodies.

Side effects

Beast begins with the questions whether extreme athletes are just over-caffeinated adrenaline junkies living life on the edge with no fear and no regard for their own health. Supporting this idea, Benjamin Klaile is of the assumption that in sports such as cycling and athletics doping by using Betablocker to reduce the adrenaline rush is totally common. Doping Doctor Fuentes argues that high performance sport has become a circus where the athlete’s health is subordinated. At this point I would like to ask you if you think that sports business is in a way manipulated by doping or if you still enjoy watching for instance la Tour de France without any hidden agendas.

Business + Adrenaline .. Any connection?

As already mentioned some people just love an ‘adrenaline kick’. That’s what has been found out and used. ‘Marketing is all about manipulation’, a professor from the HWR just recently told me when we were talking about what I would like to do in the future. People used this addiction to provide several opportunities in order to get those ‘adrenaline kicks’. Kohale literally fancies the rush racing games convey. Well,  I would much rather prefer to go running, but that’s in the eye of the beholder now, isn’t it? 🙂

Alina and Blogging: A tricky relationship

The three question marks in my head

First of all, I was really scared of writing a blogpost as I was never confronted with that topic before. How should a good blogpost look like? What about the content? All about IT or could I refer only to sports? Should I choose a professional or rather personal writing style? To get an idea of how good blogposts are constructed I read through some on the internet and now knew what blogging was all about: provide the reader with information about a certain topic in an interesting way.

An idea does not fall from a tree

Now it was required to think of a topic that relates sports and IT. My help up until now has always been keeping the task in my head. During my daily life I literally bumped into potential topics. In all of my posts I then described how I came up with the idea.

Gathering information

After having the base of a blogpost, information needed to be collected. I did this by initially looking through though several websites to gain professional information on the topic. My following step, when the a framework was established, was to read through other blogposts which I found on Google Blogs. At this point I have to admit that it was sometimes pretty hard as there were no specific posts to my topic or Google Blogs was showing me websites and not blogs. Anyways I then used opinions of others to complete my post with not only providing the reader with information, but also giving an idea of what other people think about this.

Everything’s completed but still..

… there are questions left from my side. In my eyes the implementation of other opinions did never really fit into my post. Even though I get the point of including opinions of professionals to achieve a professional way of posting, I merely did it because we were supposed to. When I read through other blogs it was always exciting as they sometimes even provoked with their own opinion. I feel like our opinion should be kept in the background which I find very sad because I feel it could be an opportunity to even start a discussion about the topic with classmates which gets them more interesting in what I post about!

Customer-Relationship-Management.. WTF?!

This is more or less a continuation of my previous blogpost about member tracking softwares as I’ve already mentioned CRM (Customer-Relationship-Management) in there. No worries if you have not read that one, I will explicitly discuss in this post what CRM  is, why we need this & I am going to give you some examples. Still the possibility remains that this post will not refer that much to sports, but (thanks to elisa) I thought this topic would be worth a proper explanation.

Now in-depth, what is this? Basically it is all about customers and the management customer relationships in an organized way. The connected documents and administration of customer relations are crucial component and leads to relationship marketing. In many companies relationships among customers and the firm itself are long-term and through CRM they are able to maintain those which lead eventually to a company’s success.

Why CRM?

It all starts with Marketing. You try to get leads and potential customers. After this, Sales follows. And if Sales are done you, as a company, have to provide Services. Now all of the people working in the different sections should be able to access the same information about each customer. This is where CRM steps in and provides every department with an equal database.

How can I do that?

Well, there are several opportunities to implement CRM. Simple but efficient tools that might be familiar to you are Outlook, where you can track e-mails and set up meetings and appointments, and Excel, where you can organize your data and track information or even create a report to measure your sales and marketing.

Still not convinced?

Imagine yourself running a business. Now think if you, as a manager, would think these questions would be relevant:

  1. Where do leads come from?
  2. Who interacts with clients and how?
  3. Are marketing efforts effective?
  4. Are customer service issues resolved promptly?

CRM helps you to answer all of these questions!

They will always keep track..

Working on a Saturday, how awesome is that? I was sitting in the office, spinning around on the office chair waiting for my workmate to arrive. Frankly, doing promotion is not the most fulfilled job in the world but the company I am working for, an uptown fitness center, is quite interesting. So as I was sitting there, bored as hell, I stared at one of the computers of a permanent employee. ‘Hey what’s that?’, I asked. ‘A program to keep track of members’, he answered. ‘Hey how cool is that, how is it called?’ – ‘Membertrack’.

In depth- what is ‘Membertrack’?

Innova Tech Software  is a software company which offers an integrated system of health and fitness assessment and member management software modules. Among other software they also provide this program called ‘Membertrack’ . Now what explicitly does it do? Basically it provides the employee standing behind the front-desk with information about the client when they check in with their cards. The software then shows individual data such as whether the customer can use the sauna or if the usage of a locker is included.

Other member tracking software

Membership Manage Professionals is another example for a tracking and management software. It deals with member payments details, member attendance and multiple bank accounts and transactions. This program can be as well applied to the personal use or other fields than fitness companies. Angelo argues that for him, this software is a ‘must’. He reasons his statement by saying that he is now able to create and send invoices, maintain contact lists, track income and expenses and much more. According to Angelo Membership Manage Professionals is a reliable and easy to use software.

Why is it important to use a good member tracking software?

Cecil recommends to use an efficient CRM (Customer- Relationship- Management) software for several reasons. She supports that idea by the statement that the leads and sales process is of prime importance to any business and that they could be in danger while not managing it properly. A good CRM software can provide the following issues:

  1. Lead Missing: accidently deleting leads or mails going to spam
  2. Lead Log: leads coming from different sources like phones, websites, email, calls can be quite confusing and lead to distribution
  3. Missing contact details: Managing numerous contact details on mails or computers can result in a big loss, tracking the previous conversations with the client and following up on time can also become quite a difficult task.

If you ask me..

..after coping with this topic I realized how important it is to keep track. We learned already how SQL can help us, but there seem to be a lot more out there! Can you imagine working for e.g. an insurance company and overlook all your clients without a tracking program? I doubt that. So it was cool to research on that as I was confronted with it in my daily life and it caught my curiosity.

Social Platforms and Sports

 ‚Robbery‘ was the caption of a picture of the Allianz Arena posted by a friend of mine on Facebook. Even though I am not interested in football at all I now knew there is going to be a game and Bayern München would play. That was when I started to think what an important role social networks play in the sports world nowadays. (more…)

Welcome to our blog

Hey there!

We are a group consisting of 5 students (Anika, Anne, Julia, Mirja and Alina) from the IBMAN course at the HWR. In this blog we are going to write blogposts about all kinds of areas referring to sports. Why sports? Quite simple. Everyone of us is doing a different type of sports hence it connects all of us. Now be excited about the blogsposts which are going to follow during the next couple of weeks. HAVE FUN 🙂