All things come to an end…

The semester is coming to an end and so will our blog posts. So, it’s the right time for me to take a look back at the posts I wrote and reflect on what I discovered, what I have learnt and what might be helpful in the future.


Taking the first steps

Our overall topic in this blog was sports and initially we tried to focus on sports and business and technology. In the first week I started off with a post on marketing and sponsoring and its importance for companies and brands to gain more recognition. This was a topic I was very interested in and accidently I came across an article looking ahead to the Olympics 2012 in combination with a huge marketing deal and that turned out to be my leading story for the post.

After that I tried to focus more on technologies as my blog mate Anne had touched on a tennis related topic and I wanted to do a little more research on it to find out about current discussions and new ideas across the tennis world, my world.

I think this was the point where I started to better understand how to do my research more efficiently and not to write only from one perspective but give different aspects of a topic.

 Moving up to the next level

My next post brought me to the next level as I used different sources than before and now I also referred to more scientific data and tried not to just present complicated contexts but explain them and make it understandable for everyone.

Structure vs. research 

In my latest post I applied a different technique of writing a post that we had discussed in class before. The difference to former posts was now not to present a problem in the introduction and then give the solution to the problem in the next paragraph already but to develop the topic and in the end to come up with countermeasures or a plan.

So, there is a bunch of things I learned. I think I could improve not only my writing skills by applying the A3 model and thus improve the structure of my posts but I improved another probably more important tool: my research skills. I learned how to better filter resources and get out the kind of information that I actually needed.

What I learned from other blog writers in this course

Another important thing that the blog posting brought me was not only to write and maybe get comments on my writing but to see other class mates writing and maybe understand how they write and structure their posts and learn from them. I read many blog posts I thought that were very well but not necessarily because of the topic chosen but because of the way they were written. And as a last point, even if this may sound a little bit funny, I also improved my reading. Because most blog posts are written very well but very detailed and sometimes it’s hard to stay focused and concentrate on the content. But after a while I developed a technique for myself to make my reading faster but at the same time more efficient. If a post was well structured and contained several paragraphs with individual headers, I could quickly read the headers and already have an idea of what I was going to read in detail in a few minutes. With this little information in advance I afterwards could better remember the details.

So, even if I will probably not go on writing this blog but for future writing and research assignments I think I have learnt a lot that improved my skills. And I am looking forward to getting better feedback to my writing.

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