When all of a sudden the world stops

Since we wrote quite some articles about emotions and feelings while practicing sports there is still one aspect which we have not discussed in detail yet:

What if emotions overwhelm you in a negative way and there is an always present state of low mood? Depression is one of the most common reaction to certain life events but still it should not be taken as a short period breakdown-there is a lot more behind that.


Andy D. describes very well how the taboo topic ‘depressions’ initially opened up to the public in 2009 when the German goalkeeper Robert Enke decided to commit suicide. Afterwards more and more famous people, especially athletes (eg referee Babak Rafati), admitted they have gone through the same period once in their lives.

Current condition

M. Ferres  points out that around 4 million people suffer from depressions these days. Effects differ among the genders: men rather show aggressive behavior and more often think about committing suicide whereas women act introverted and try to cope with everything by their own.

What to do

What at first glance from an outstanding person seems as a clear depression might not be distinguishable by the effected person from a bad day everyone goes through. It takes a lot of strength and confession to finally realize: you are sick.

More often concerned persons seek help on the web and try to connect with others facing the same problems. This forum, for instance, shows how information are shared and answers are given.

But what most people don’t know is that simple things such as practicing sports helps as well! Magnus Lindwall reasons that sports stabilize your psyche and helps to prevent psychological illnesses. But it can be a threat as well as professional athletes are most of the time put under a lot of pressure.


All in all I can sum up that depressions are more common than we think and it is quite hard to admit to oneself that you are affected. Even though there will be a way out you only need to grasp the opportunity.

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  1. An interesting topik Alina and a lot to discuss about. The first question that has appeared in my head after having read your post – why some people are more inclined to the depressions and some not? Why do we differently persept events and then as a result can be overwhelmed with emotions?
    I completely agree with you that the best way out of depression is an activity and it doesn’t matter what kind of it.For sportsmen, I think, it is harder to find the way out of depression, for us the physical activity is an exit but for them not, if the sport is an everyday job. For me personally, when I was surpressed by my emotions, feeling to go deeper in the depression, I desided not to allow my feelings to overwhelm me and started to do my sports harder, to speek with people more often and to devoit every minut of my free time to something important, work, study, friends. It is not very easy to overcome emotions but the first step is to decide to stop negative emotions and the depression and then to ask others for help.

  2. Mattias

     /  2012/01/11

    Alina. Nice writing, great points and a good structure where you cover different aspects of depression. Your post makes me want to learn more on why people aren’t realizing and to read mor on the taboo you’re mentioning, but also more why sports are so crucial. I fully agree that sports are important. I always go lindy hop dancing when I’m feeling moody and it always helps, but I can’t say why. Spot on!

  3. hey alina! first of all: good topic to apply the toyota modell to and I found the structure very helpful while reading your text. Also the implementation of links into your post is reasonable and advantageous and your choice of the title is really catchy! You put some really nice work in there. I agree to Mattias, that your post makes me wanna know more and I also agree to Irina and I wish you had also mentioned a little bit more about aspects like “how do I realize if somebody is sick or not” or like Irina said “why some people are more inclined to the depressions and some not”. Maybe you can make a belated supplement in form of another post, since you see your readership is really interested 😉 just a suggestion

  4. Hey Alina,
    This is a very serious and current topic, which you have chosen, but very interesting in my opinion. Our modern world is changing quickly, we have to adapt to new technology, companies ask for more and more efficiency which simply means that we have to manage more work in less time etc…We have to be fast, flexible and strong to keep on track in this bustling world where we are overwhelmed by data, news and innovations. Depression is a disease about which people normally not talk about. I think a lot of people fear to admit depression if they recognize it, because they are afraid that our society would react in a strange way. One example which shows us that it’s actually the case was when ex-soccer player Andreas Biermann nearly committed suicide and looked for help and understanding from the German Soccer Federation. Andreas Biermann admitted that he had depression and he got fired which shows us how difficult it must be for these people and also for relatives to find a way out of this impasse! (interview with Andreas Biermann http://www.randomhouse.de/webarticle/webarticle.jsp?aid=28233)

    Besides the attractive size of your blog post I liked your writing style and structure. Hope too here more about that topic in your next blog post!

  5. Lilian

     /  2012/02/11

    Hey Alina!
    I like your style of writing and your structure and blog design are really nice too! It’s very inviting to read 🙂
    Depression is quite a serious topic and more and more people are concerned. I liked the way you described the topic from your “sports-perspective” in pointing out that on the one hand often professional athletes are likely to be victims of depressions as they work under a very hard pressure, but on the other hand that sport can help people out of a depression as well.


    This is quite an interesting article describing the psychological and physiological effects that sports can have on patients suffering from depressions.

    I would be interested as well as Inga and Mattias in knowing which kind of persons are more likely to be concerned (if this can be categorized somehow), as in the article of the link I posted it’s said that 20% of all people happen to be hit by a depression once in their lives.

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