It is ok to show emotions,darling

In my recent blogpost I wrote about adrenaline, but no worries if you haven’t read this one as I am going to think a little bit further this time: emotions in sports.

Different sports and different situation such as being in training or having a competition evoke different feelings. Since my blogmates all practice different sports I interviewed them and tried to understand what they feel and think while jogging, riding, or playing tennis.


“You know before going out running my head is jam-packed with thoughts and to go jogging helps me to get my head straight.”

Julia experiences a certain feeling of success after jogging. It belongs to her daily life as it gives her the opportunity to simply get rid of bothersome thoughts. This  author supports that idea by saying that the mind becomes clearer. Tara describes an injury she got which hold her from running. She went through 5 stages:

–          Denial

–          Anger

–          Baragining

–          Depression

–          Acceptance

It got quite clear to me that this sport means more to people than only bringing health to their body.


“It makes me mad to see others performing better in a game than I do that’s when I want to beat the others as good as I can.”

Certainly different people handle competitive games with different emotions. This post asserts the following

“You have to manage your emotions as best as you possibly can but when the guys are playing with their hearts on their sleeves, generally they are playing their best cricket.”

So basically bringing all emotions to a game might bring a huge advantage over the others.

Delice Coffey helps to understand that mental toughness in a game is of significant importantance in a game. She points out that when you are not able to handle someone telling you that your opponent is stronger and bigger than you, you will lose. Coffey also presents methods how to train mentally. For example:

Letting go of thoughts – You know what you are doing. You were made to play the game. When you are in game mode, let your body flow. You do not need to think of your technique or your plan of attack. Just play and listen to your gut.

Focus – Get lost in your concentration. No matter what anyone says to you prior to the game or throughout the game should be blocked out. Just concentrate in what is happening right now, stay in the present.


“When I am riding a horse I feel a certain connection. It makes me happy to have an influence and that we are working as a team at the same time.”

Jean explains that the horse is highly sensitive to each and every emotion that the rider has. Hence it is important to build a relationship of trust and feel. Anne told me that it takes a certain time of adjustment when she has to ride a new horse. To become both mentally and physically one and understand how to handle a horse implies Admin . She also reminds that a horse is a herd animal by nature and a rider becomes its leader.


It was really cool to research and read about different sports that I do not practice. I can now understand a lot better why my blogmates have chosen to do this rather than another sport. Moreover what I can learn from this: emotions influence everything, even when we do not see them straight away.

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  1. Hi Alina
    You’ve done a great job! I highly appreciate that you have mentioned your blog mates and their experiences in this article. This proves the good team work in your group and the fact that you are learning from each other. In general, your blog post has an appropriate structure, containing an introduction, main part and conclusion. I especially liked the quotes and the pictures you have presented. The only thing I was missing somehow is your personal experience. What kind of sports do you do and what emotional relation do you have while performing?
    By the way, here is another interesting link concerning sports and emotions I am inviting you to check out:

  1. Conversations – Best HWR Student Blogging

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