All that glitters is not gold

Today, I do not know if I will write a post that is linked to sports, because there is a topic that is really striking me and I am totally keen on writing about it.

Marketing – why always marketing?

We are always talking about Marketing and Social Networking even on our blog. Mirja does it, Alina does it and I do it as well. We were always referring to products and services, because Marketing is crucial to generate sales and run a business, like Alina pointed out in her blog post about Costumer -Relationship-Management. Marketing is necessary to be successful and this also applies to Self-marketing.

On his blog Joe Garfinkel promotes “3 Essential Steps to Successful Self-Marketing” that would lead you to “the best opportunities at work”. He writes about people who get promoted because of his/her ability for marketing themselves, instead of the people who really are talented but do not such an aggressive self-marketing and that’s exactly what I experience all the time, since I am an introverted person.

I am really tiered of our society where self-marketing is crucial to be successful and I am often doubtful about my future in business. Am I really made for it? Am I really taking the right path?

One year ago, I began to do a little research about this topic and read the book “The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World” by Marti Olsen Laney. It is a great book that brought me to think about my introversion as strength.

Pull away all your prejudices!

First of all I learned what it means to be introverted at all. In her blog post “Thriving in the extroverted business world” Ph.D. Jennifer b. Kahnweiler, points out that introversions by all means is not the same as shyness or even arrogance. But introverts do “process information internally, keep personal matters private, and avoid showing emotion”. They need time to be alone, to recharge their batteries whereas extroverts are energized by the outer world.

Unfortunately, about 75% of the population is extroverted. Because of that extroversion is taken for granted and introversion is wrongly seen in a negative light. Innies (how I call them) begin to fit into rolls and try desperately to adapt to society norms of extroversion. That also describes Steve Woodruff , but eventually he found out that these rolls mismatched his character traits and is now pretty aware of his strengths.

As an introvert, I have some particular strengths that make me effective (and some weaknesses that need to be compensated for). Just like, you know, everyone else!

His post guided me to another blog by Lisa Petrilli who deals with introversion and also published the book „The Introvert’s Guide to Success“. I am really impressed by her blog post that showed me that also innies can be very successful and are able to thrive in the -often harsh- business world.

I know it is partly due to leveraging my introverted strengths that I went on to hold responsibility for a $750 million business just ten short years after being hired out of undergraduate school.

Merri Bame is an innie, too and communication skills coach. She states what I think all the time: “All that glitters is not gold“. With this statement she refers to extroverts that might always have the attention of everyone else. And then, there are Introverts who “don`t glitter but quietly produce themselves”. She uses the metaphor of a “butterfly emerging from the cocoon”, -which in my point of view is wonderful- alongside with many strength that innies posses and what make them to be great business people.

You see…being an introvert is truly an advantage in business and leadership IF you know how to leverage your exquisite inner strengths, and IF you remain true to yourself!

I think, I will go deeper into this topic in my next blog post. Maybe –or I am rather pretty sure- that I can manage to show what wonderful team players introverts are and that every team needs one and this also applies to business enterprises.

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  2. Saskia R.

     /  2012/01/18

    Dear Julia,

    I loved your post. It is really, really intersting for me to read about this topic because it talks about something I am not totally familiar with.

    Although I don’t distiguish between introverts and extroverts ( I enjoy our conversations as much as I do with everyone else of my/our friends) since I think that every person is an individual and has its own special character traits, I still like reading about topics that are not often discussed in public. It makes me curious and wanting to know more.

    Last semester I was already very intrigued when you gave the presentation about introverts and I am quite glad to find some more information about that now.

    While reading I noticed that you created a very nice flow. I could just read along, without stumbling over sentences that did not make sense to me or were hard to follow.

    Using quotations in your post is also a nice way of adding some life to it and making it more authentic in a way that others have had the same feelings and experiences as you did.

    I would really be curious about getting to know some more differences between introverts and extroverts. What are they thinking and feeling and why are they thinking and feeling that? What’s the biology behind introversion? What to scientists say?

    I am eager to read more! Thanks again for that beautiful post.

    P.S. Here is some of the biology behind it:

  3. Greeting there admin, I actually wanted to firmly give a swift note to point out that I adored your piece of writing. Thanks!

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