I will keep pushing you!

Right, this time I found my topic quite differently than the others. Sports, what am I going to write about this time? I then opened a browser and typed in ‘Sports’ and you know what caught my attention first? This sentence on a blog :

‘Today it is increasingly common for people to seek options that will give them an adrenaline rush, no matter the age, sex, size, race or social status, there is room for everyone when it comes to enjoying emotions, adventure and experiences for a lifetime.’

We all know it

Mirja experiences it at several championships, Julia while going out running. Anika feels it during a game and Anne while riding a horse, jumping over a hazard. According to Omron Healthcare our ancestors needed adrenaline to react quickly in a dangerous situation. Nowadays we naturally do not move as much as our ancestors so consequently we need sports to reduce the extra energy which is provided in our bodies.

Side effects

Beast begins with the questions whether extreme athletes are just over-caffeinated adrenaline junkies living life on the edge with no fear and no regard for their own health. Supporting this idea, Benjamin Klaile is of the assumption that in sports such as cycling and athletics doping by using Betablocker to reduce the adrenaline rush is totally common. Doping Doctor Fuentes argues that high performance sport has become a circus where the athlete’s health is subordinated. At this point I would like to ask you if you think that sports business is in a way manipulated by doping or if you still enjoy watching for instance la Tour de France without any hidden agendas.

Business + Adrenaline .. Any connection?

As already mentioned some people just love an ‘adrenaline kick’. That’s what has been found out and used. ‘Marketing is all about manipulation’, a professor from the HWR just recently told me when we were talking about what I would like to do in the future. People used this addiction to provide several opportunities in order to get those ‘adrenaline kicks’. Kohale literally fancies the rush racing games convey. Well,  I would much rather prefer to go running, but that’s in the eye of the beholder now, isn’t it? 🙂

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  1. Hey Alina
    your post directly caught my attention with the title implying a phenomenon that we can see in sports everyday and everywhere – behind every athlete there are trainer, forcing them and pushing them to success they themselves did not have and transforming their own morbid ambition into pressure on the athlete. How many athletes suffer from burn-out because of pressure? Because their career and success is tied to another people’s success? This business is so sick!
    Concerning the adrenaline thing: I totally agree that there is an alarming and perverting trend to search for the highest adrenaline-burst and after some time when one has become used to it, there is need of a new, even “worse” one.
    The thing with this is: Many people might say that the action itself does not make fun at all, just the feeling afterwards is great.
    This is really frightening me.
    Can I really feel good or just feel good doing things I don’t wanna do just because my body needs it to prepare the cocktail lifting me up to the sky?
    I can’t imagine that e.g. skyjump is real fun (http://www.focus.de/reisen/videos/skyjump-las-vegas-adrenalin-kick-beim-kontrollierten-absturz_vid_16913.html) and I have to admit that I am counting down the time while I am sitting in a rollercoaster as during the ride it is not that great (the seats are hurting on every bone) and just the short nice feeling afterwards is satisfacting. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NeggtYGJCg&feature=related)
    So I rather prefer the “go running”-option and feel a bit sorry for everyone who needs to risk his health and destroy his body for short moments of a great feeling.
    This post was just great and its content is gaining more topicality every day.
    The chemical structure as well as the picture were very well chosen and your structure with the headlines and the equation as well as the questions made it very interesting and attractive to read.
    The length is comfortable and due to the fact that everything to be said is in it, the post shows that you are able to express precisely and come to the point in a complete but short way.
    I should learn from that 😉
    Great job 🙂

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