Alina and Blogging: A tricky relationship

The three question marks in my head

First of all, I was really scared of writing a blogpost as I was never confronted with that topic before. How should a good blogpost look like? What about the content? All about IT or could I refer only to sports? Should I choose a professional or rather personal writing style? To get an idea of how good blogposts are constructed I read through some on the internet and now knew what blogging was all about: provide the reader with information about a certain topic in an interesting way.

An idea does not fall from a tree

Now it was required to think of a topic that relates sports and IT. My help up until now has always been keeping the task in my head. During my daily life I literally bumped into potential topics. In all of my posts I then described how I came up with the idea.

Gathering information

After having the base of a blogpost, information needed to be collected. I did this by initially looking through though several websites to gain professional information on the topic. My following step, when the a framework was established, was to read through other blogposts which I found on Google Blogs. At this point I have to admit that it was sometimes pretty hard as there were no specific posts to my topic or Google Blogs was showing me websites and not blogs. Anyways I then used opinions of others to complete my post with not only providing the reader with information, but also giving an idea of what other people think about this.

Everything’s completed but still..

… there are questions left from my side. In my eyes the implementation of other opinions did never really fit into my post. Even though I get the point of including opinions of professionals to achieve a professional way of posting, I merely did it because we were supposed to. When I read through other blogs it was always exciting as they sometimes even provoked with their own opinion. I feel like our opinion should be kept in the background which I find very sad because I feel it could be an opportunity to even start a discussion about the topic with classmates which gets them more interesting in what I post about!

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  1. Larissa

     /  2011/12/14

    Hi Alina,
    I like you method of keeping “the task in your head” and then look for topics in your environment. That’s encouraging and shows that you can find inspiration pretty much everywhere!
    I think you shouldn’t worry so much about HOW to integrate other opinions. Just cite and contrast them and in the ende there will be plenty of room for your own evaluation, which will probably be more sound after researching what professionals say!
    And don’t worry about HOW to write either… I can totally understand you and follow you! 🙂

  2. hi larissa,
    great idea of contrasting them and basing my opinion on this then!:)cheers!

  3. Hi Alina! It’s just great to see your illustration at the bottom of this text, because it means we can move things around and explore other models of reading, thinking, writing, learning, etc. For example: why start off with an idea? Why not start off with a question? And why look for information, instead of things like conversations? And why end up with your opinion — why not explore other people’s opinions? Why not move each element of your excellent, thoughtful, and I found completely compelling diagram around in every possible combination? This linear 1-2-3 is fun, but 3-2-1 or 2-1-3, usw. might be funner!

  4. Lucas

     /  2011/12/20

    I am with Larissa here and I am sure Bruce is not willing to censor your opinion. So if you include the opinion of others your contrasting opinion might even state the thoughts you have made.
    Pretty nice effort to not mention what your topic is gonna be with one single word. 😉

    • sorry but i cannot really follow you..what do you mean by saying ‘pretty nice effort not to mention what your topic is gonna be with one single word’?:)

  5. Hey you guys! Here’s a fine diagram to stretch the imagination of what blogging is about: Enjoy! -b


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