Getting prepared for my next blog post

As you might know from my latest blog: I am very interest in sports in general and running in particular. Due to that I came up with the topic of smart shoes and the related communities that definitely generate market advantages for the company Nike.  But today I would like to invite you to be part of my discovery path when researching for my blog to come.

Everything begins with an idea

The idea for my next blog came to my mind as I watched a summary of a football game while I eventually noticed that the team members have to have a sensor in their shoes – that is exact my topic, isn’t it? –  My question was if they really do have one in their shoes? Which company provides them with these sensors? With these questions I started my research in Google blog search and firstly stumbled over a blog that introduced the new and revolutionary football shoe by Adidas. I stopped and thought about the competition between Nike and Adidas.

  • Who is the world leader in sports apparel?
  • Which one is the leader in football?
  • Can Adidas really compete with this new shoe against Nike+?
  • Doesn`t have Nike the first mover advantage?
  • What makes the difference/progress compared to the Nike sensor?

With these bunch of questions I again started research and already had a raw structure for my post in mind and the topic of my next post.

I love them!  Because they make life easier.

For my research I recently installed MOOM on my Mac when I read a nice post about  “Transparency of search, source and argument” presenting this beautiful application. It turned out to be very helpful, since I am now able move and zoom between different windows. On the left hand side I open my safari window and on the right hand side I open Evernote –also an amazing application, which I use on a daily basis.

I wrote down my questions on evernote and started again researching on them. I found some nice Blogs that could provide –at least partly- the answer to my questions. I collected them in Tabs in my Safari window and first tried to rearrange them into a logical order. Finally I began to summarize them into small paragraphs and added the URL to them in Evernote.

It needs some time to develop an idea and putting it into action

I have to admit that I always work for some days on my blog post. Thus researching for some interesting blogs and collecting them into evernote will be all for one day. And on another I may just fine-tuning it or I even continue to research for some time and will finish it afterwards. I do it that way, because sometimes I have better ideas one or two days later. That gives me a better feeling.

Thus, it is possible that I completely change my mind by next friday posting my next blog post about Adidas’ football shoe with brain.

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