A post a week. Not more, not less.

To write one post per week is actually not that much. But the challenge is to find every week a topic that people are interested in and talk about in the specific field that you are interested as well. In my case anything linked with tennis and ball sports.

Finding the topic

I actually end up every Wednesday night typing into Google random phrases like “tennis IT”, “tennis marketing sponsoring” and so on. JUST to find out, that even if I limit the search to “blogs” and “last 30 days” I do not get a lot of valuable results in the first place. For some reason most of the results lead me onto commercial sites where I find only information about what I just typed in but I don’t find discussions about it. Most of them commercial sites that put up their own blogs on their home pages in order to give MORE information about their products. – FAIL.

Should not find topic but PEOPLE discussing a topic

What I did then, was adding “discussion” into my Google search topic. Clicking here, reading there, in the end did lead me to a few tennis blogs but still I did not see that people were arguing about different things.

My topic

The topic I was (I am) interested in, is the issue of referee decisions and technologies that are supposed to back up referee decisions in order to avoid wrong (?!) decision-taking (check out the video I have linked here!) and to guarantee fair matches. This technology – called “Hawk-Eye”– is already used in Cricket and Tennis but also in sports like soccer there are again and again coming up discussions about such kind of technology. In the past we have witnessed a number of obviously wrong referee decisions. If we think back of goals that were not given to the team because the referee announced them invalid. This produced a lot of bad feelings among the spectators and fans because they are feeling betrayed. But on the other hand people are arguing that those technologies are slowing down the flow of a match and that is why they are against launching such technologies. I felt that there must be people out there who are talking about just that.

Found THE blog

As I remember those conflicts from the FIFA World Cup in 2006 in Germany already, I decided to take out the “30 days” limitation because it is a current topic, but not as new and at the moment probably not very much discussed anymore as the last World Cup took place more than a year ago. So, I would probably find more about this topic going back a few months. – And then I stumbled across what I was looking for so badly. Tim published a quite detailed post and gives his opinion on the latest Football Association (FA) announcement that the introduction of Goal-Line technology will be postponed another year.

Where I want to go

So, I will follow that blog and will report on what I found out in my next post.

Apparently this blog post is from 2006 and until 2010 there were people who commented on this blog on tennis players’ comments on the “Hawk-Eye” technology and possible advantages and disadvantages of it.

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  1. Wow! I ‘ll be your number one fan during your all blogging life 🙂
    Tennis-what a great topic! But one of my first thoughts was- how would you connect tennis with business or IT? And here it comes: Hawk-Eye. When I clicked on that term, I was redirected to the official webpage of that innovation and found an informative video about how it is used. And I totally agree that this gadget ,let’s say, would be a good solution for all those football fans who are always against the referee decisions.
    Looking forward to read your next blog posts!

  2. Lucas

     /  2011/12/20

    Nice a girl taking soccer into account. Also Tennis is quite a nice topic.
    Pretty precise topic and probably really hard to find. I have actually thought about this topic myself not concerning tennis so much but soccer..
    I am looking forward now to reading your blog even though I am a little afraid to see that you have referred to comments on one blog and being annoyed by writing your post since you do it every wednesday ’cause you have to.


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