They will always keep track..

Working on a Saturday, how awesome is that? I was sitting in the office, spinning around on the office chair waiting for my workmate to arrive. Frankly, doing promotion is not the most fulfilled job in the world but the company I am working for, an uptown fitness center, is quite interesting. So as I was sitting there, bored as hell, I stared at one of the computers of a permanent employee. ‘Hey what’s that?’, I asked. ‘A program to keep track of members’, he answered. ‘Hey how cool is that, how is it called?’ – ‘Membertrack’.

In depth- what is ‘Membertrack’?

Innova Tech Software  is a software company which offers an integrated system of health and fitness assessment and member management software modules. Among other software they also provide this program called ‘Membertrack’ . Now what explicitly does it do? Basically it provides the employee standing behind the front-desk with information about the client when they check in with their cards. The software then shows individual data such as whether the customer can use the sauna or if the usage of a locker is included.

Other member tracking software

Membership Manage Professionals is another example for a tracking and management software. It deals with member payments details, member attendance and multiple bank accounts and transactions. This program can be as well applied to the personal use or other fields than fitness companies. Angelo argues that for him, this software is a ‘must’. He reasons his statement by saying that he is now able to create and send invoices, maintain contact lists, track income and expenses and much more. According to Angelo Membership Manage Professionals is a reliable and easy to use software.

Why is it important to use a good member tracking software?

Cecil recommends to use an efficient CRM (Customer- Relationship- Management) software for several reasons. She supports that idea by the statement that the leads and sales process is of prime importance to any business and that they could be in danger while not managing it properly. A good CRM software can provide the following issues:

  1. Lead Missing: accidently deleting leads or mails going to spam
  2. Lead Log: leads coming from different sources like phones, websites, email, calls can be quite confusing and lead to distribution
  3. Missing contact details: Managing numerous contact details on mails or computers can result in a big loss, tracking the previous conversations with the client and following up on time can also become quite a difficult task.

If you ask me..

..after coping with this topic I realized how important it is to keep track. We learned already how SQL can help us, but there seem to be a lot more out there! Can you imagine working for e.g. an insurance company and overlook all your clients without a tracking program? I doubt that. So it was cool to research on that as I was confronted with it in my daily life and it caught my curiosity.

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  1. annehwr

     /  2011/11/30

    I really liked your post and the short introduction at the beginning was a very nice way to show how you came up with this topic. I also liked the structure of your text as you had pictures, different paragraphs, and the enumeration in the middle. And the topic you chose was also very interesting and well linked to SQL and IT in general. Great job!

  2. elisafoodle

     /  2011/11/30

    Hey Alina,
    thanks for that well-written, clearly structured and informative blog entry 🙂 I especially liked your beginning and the personal reference and opinion making the text more interesting and lively. Good to know that not only Google is watching us but also our fitness companies ^^ In my opinion you managed it very well to compare different points of view by using appropriate reporting verbs while outlining the most important arguments.
    I think the whole CRM topic is very important and essential in today`s business and it would be nice to learn more about it.
    All in all I can just agree to Anne – well done!

  3. Alina, i really liked your blog entry. and as it was already said the introduction was just great. It starts like an article in a magazine, and gets the reader involved from the first lines.)))

    The topic is very relevant to our studies and the course and you provided an example of another way of using the IT-systems in business. Good job!!!!


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