Nike – The smart running shoe

As a passionate jogger, there comes the time where just running is not sufficient anymore even less if one is going to participate in Berlin Half Marathon. I have been at this point for the last weeks and I have been wondering whether I could find out how much kilometers I run in a certain time period. To recreate my routes on Google maps was not an option. So I started researching for something, which could solve my problem.

Finally, I stumbled over Nike+ -a collaboration between Nike and Apple- this is an app for IPod or IPhone accomplished with a sensor in a Nike running shoe. And that is, what my first blog is about. BUT rather than talking about what my experience was, I decided to write about what it is in general and what it can provide to runners in particular.

What is Nike+

Nike+ consists of a sensor that you can put into your Nike running shoe. The sensor is able to record the speed and length of your runs –just through detecting how long your foot is on the ground-, but is not able to store the data. The sensor in your shoe can be linked to your IPod or IPhone, where the Nike+ App keeps track of all your movements. As Mark McClusky states, Nike was concentrated on a simple system that is based around the idea of setting goals.

Not a perfect tool

At the beginning Nike+ functioned without GPS, which made it a not perfect tool, but it was good enough. For an application Nike+ is tremendously accurate, alleges Mario Lafortune, director of Nike’s Sport Research lab.

Since the iPhone has conquered the market, the app moved to GPS. Now it “is one of the most accurate applications there are plus if the GPS signal fails it will nonetheless be able to calibrate your runs”, one argues on

Easy to use

Nike+ impresses with simplicity: If a runner wants to run 5 kilometers, he or she enters the distance and presses start. A nice voice informs the runner about how fast he/she is moving, how far one has gone yet and how much farther one need to go. The runner has also the option to press the button for a power song -that was chosen before- to beat ones last run. Finishing the run, the runner presses stop and all information about the run is saved on the iPod. Syncing the iPod to the Internet, the workout is automatically uploaded to, where the current information is added to the history of all your runs. There you can find a great visualization of your performance during your run, with all you ups and downs.

Now, I think you got the idea what Nike+ is and what it is able to provide a runner in general with. But Nike+ has more to offer. Be excited what I will present next week!

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  1. elisafoodle

     /  2011/11/25

    Hi Julia,

    first of all – great idea to name this blog spogging, girls 🙂

    Your blog caught immediately my attention as I have also planned to participate at the Berlin Half-Marathon next summer – and I think the innovative topic you have chosen is really interesting. It is nice to see how even a sport like jogging is closely linked to the modern technologies and applications in the meanwhile. You described in a pretty good way how this system works, how to handle it and the advantages you may receive by using this app. And I like the chosen pictures as well – I think they fit very well in the overall topic of your post. Well done 🙂

  2. Hey Julia,
    your blog post is very interesting and gives a nice mixture of personal experience and general information. The pictures you included in your text are fitting very well and provide a great idea of how this app will look like. I really enjoyed reading your post and was both fascinated and surprised how inventive sports industry is and how technology invades every area in life. And the best is- this is one where you can choose to adopt or not.
    Great job 🙂

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