Social Platforms and Sports

 ‚Robbery‘ was the caption of a picture of the Allianz Arena posted by a friend of mine on Facebook. Even though I am not interested in football at all I now knew there is going to be a game and Bayern München would play. That was when I started to think what an important role social networks play in the sports world nowadays.

When networking becomes marketing

‘Focus on your fans and enthusiasts. These people have always been passionate about brands/teams/properties they love. Social tools have just helped amplify their voices and bring people close to the things they love and others who share their passions’, explains Jason Peck .   As people are sharing for instance their happiness about the win of their favorite team there are reactions of others coming up who were maybe upset they won. Sport is all about competition! A discussion starts, others who were not even involved pursue the conversation and that’s where promotion starts. Nearly every club has its own Facebook account. NBA , as an example, posted an article called ‘  Shaquille O’Neal needed just six words to sum up the scene’ on Facebook four hours ago- 1.771 ‘likes’, 186 comments, 72 times shared!

How to go public

Not only social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Myspace help Sports to go public. At Netzathleten it is possible to create an account to share ideas and interact with sportsperson all over the world. Youtube  is another place for sharing videos. As an example Zidane’s famous headbutt was seen over 6 Million times and people left about 10.000 comments. Moreover sportsnetworker provides information how to take a sports career to the next level. There seem to be a lot of opportunities on the web to communicate and share ideas or experiences among like- minded people!

A threat to existence of websites?

Here comes my own opinion. I talked to my roommate because he is a professional mountain bike rider and is sponsored as well. He told me that websites get completely lost due to social networks. As already mentioned almost every club, sponsor or sports league has its own Facebook or Twitter site where you can like and comment things. For us as ‘Facebook addicts’ it is simpler to access information and be up to date all the time. But I reckon my roommate is right though as the creation of websites and its features are way more complex and proper.

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  1. lyfoodle

     /  2011/11/25

    Nice post, Alina. I think the topic you chose is a really current one and that’s why it is interesting reading it because people can totally follow and understand what you’re saying since most of us are also Facebook users.

  2. juliajogs

     /  2011/11/26

    Very interesting post Alina. I noticed as well that Social Platforms are very important for the sport sector. To be part of a community –created through this social platforms- can be very motivating and provide a feeling of affiliation. I think your topic is very current, since I know how important such platforms are for my boyfriend who really is into sports.

    It is also of interest to me, because I plan to write a blog post about the Nike+ community next week ☺.

  3. Katharina

     /  2011/11/26

    Alina, I think your article is not only well written and structured, but it also takes topics that everyone is already talking about to the next level. Social networks are a highly discussed matter in our private lives. However, your blog post shows a new perspective on that. It concentrates on social platforms being a business opportunity I would say many people have not thought of yet. Another thing I liked is the fact that you examine the topic from different point of views: the fan as well as the marketer behind it.
    All in all, I really enjoyed reading it!

  4. Lucas

     /  2011/11/30

    I agree with Katharina that your article is showing a new perspective of an integration of our daily life which not many people including myself have taken into account. I mean it’s that obvious but still you don’t seriously consider the extent.
    I don’t really agree with your conclusion though or your last paragraph. I don’t think that websites are drowning. They are not visited as frequently as before but real fans of course don’t only want to check out Facebook events but background information which are usually only found on their websites. Also the social fan pages are closely linked to the websites so you don’t even have to look up again to find it. Nowadays even the websites integrate features of social networks in order to move closer to the fan. So I think websites are still an important tool.

  5. thanks for your comment lucas. very much appreciated! but focusing for instance on advertisment sportsclubs and other are more likely nowadays to leave a comment such as ‘visit us on facebook’ or ‘like us on facebook’ rather than giving their website address? In my eyes it seems to be more catchy to others as everyones using it and gets access more easily to their favorite sportsclub. and partaining to details: its shocking HOW MANY details you receive on fb….

  1. Social Networks in Sport « spogging

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